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Using the Dark Web for Pre-Attack Intelligence

When companies discuss “the anatomy of a cyberattack” they usually mean the actions criminals take to execute their attack once they are on the network. However, cyberattacks don’t start on the network. They start weeks, months, even years before as threat actors do their reconnaissance on their target in the deep and dark web.

This report uses real deep and dark web intelligence from infamous cybersecurity incidents to demonstrate the red flags of an imminent threat that organizations could spot, helping them to stop attackers before they breach the network.

Download this report to learn more about:

  - How dark web intelligence can help your security team prioritize the most imminent
    threats and streamline resources.

  - The dark web presence of some of the most notorious cybercriminal gangs
    (including LAPSUS$ and DarkSide).

  - The early warning signs in the dark web for some of the biggest supply chain
    Incidents (including Maersk, Kronos, and Kaseya).

  - How dark web intelligence fits into the pre-attack phase of MITRE ATT&CK

  - How pre-attack intelligence from the dark web can help stop cyberattacks against
    your business before they hit the network.

Download the report!