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Shifting Left in the Cyber Kill Chain


The Cyber Kill Chain is a framework for the sequence of actions a threat actor has to take to achieve their objective. The earlier (or further left) in the Chain that organizations can strike back against attackers, the more chance they have at stopping them from executing their attacks.

This report uses dark web intelligence from a real life cyberattack to show the timeline of criminal reconnaissance in the 12 months before the incident, demonstrating how the threat actors could have been stopped earlier in the Cyber Kill Chain if the organization had known what to look for.

Download this report to learn more about:

  - Where dark web intelligence fits in the Cyber Kill Chain.

  - The early warning signs of a cyberattack that are visible in the dark

  - How dark web intelligence can be used to disrupt cybercriminals’
before they have breached the network.

Download the report!